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Detail Cartel is the first and so far the only car detailing Toronto centre which does not only provide an outstanding car detailing and paint protection services but also provide great and interactive experience to our clients. We have all the resources to provide professional car detailing services at the highest level. We utilize pedant and individual approach to our clients and their goals. Based on our experience and a complete list of professional detailing products we are able to offer a cost-effective solutions for every task. Detail Cartel serves not only automotive industry but also small aviation, boating and yacht industry, motorcycles and much more.

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Providing a high quality automotive detailing, paint protection film wraps and ceramic coating services is what we’re know for. “Devil is in the details” – this is the best way to describe the essence of our philosophy and approach. We’re not “use it everywhere” shop when it comes to the tools and products we use. We have a strict protocol and a complete range of products for each specific application to insure maxium results. Find out our core car detailing Toronto services and feel free to contact us for any questions or to book an appointment.

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Our car detailing company guarantee premium attention to every vehicle and great customer service to our clients. It’s a great advantage that we have professionals with a handful of skills when it comes to car detailing services. We have a full arsenal of the modern, professional equipment as well as automotive cosmetics from the world’s leading brands. All of these factors help us unchangeable supreme results in car detailing services. If you want your vehicle to be clean and shiny, protected from environmental factors and be in showroom conditions not only on the day you picked it up from dealer – our team at DETAIL CARTEL is always happy to help you.


Sharp look and slick shine of your vehicle’s polished body parts is a great honour for every car enthusiast. It’s pretty hard to keep an ideal condition of your car’s paint through the years considering environmental conditions and road conditions which you as an owner experience on a daily basis. However, in the most cases, swirl marks and minor scratches occur as a result of low quality car washes, dirty brushes and chemicals used during this process. All of these can be fixed by car polishing services which we offer. Our team will be happy to help you restore your paint condition to it’s new state.


An ability to sustain minor scratches is not the only purpose of ceramic coating. The main reason why your paint gets dull and looses shine is an oxidation of your paint. Oxidation can me easily prevented or at least slowed down by isolating your car paint from micro elements in the air and effects caused by sunlight. Back in a days it was done by different wax products and sealants. However, oils and grease in these products oxidize even faster than clear coat of car’s paint. As a result, those “sealants” destroys your pain even faster. Ceramic coating like Nano Brite®, Ceramic Pro®, OptiCoat-Pro® and other will save your vehicle’s body paint and prevent it from oxidation, environmental and road conditions for years if not for life of your vehicle. To see more info about ceramic coatings checkout our @detailcartel instagram for examples and more information.


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