Exterior Auto Detailing Toronto

Exterior detailing car wash is a professional service which is far more complex that your average car wash. Auto detailing Toronto, commonly known as detailing car wash is a deeper and more high-quality cleaning of your vehicle’s exterior from all the dirt and particles stucked to your car’s paint.
We use a professional products to insure the highest quality and decontamination of vehicle’s paint. We pay an extra attention to the small details of your vehicle and hard reached spots to insure a spotless result. After our exterior auto detailing Toronto carwash your car will look refreshed without micro scratches and wet seats/carpets.

3 Stage Auto Detailing Process:

During the first stage our specialists provide an initial application of automotive shampoo which separates dirt from paint’s surface. Once your car is pressure washed, we closely inspect your vehicle’s paint surface to find water spots, deep dirt and stains which are hard to remove during the touchless wash. All of those imperfections are removed by using a professional grade car care products and professionals tools like sponges and natural brushes during the second stage.

The second stage begins with a careful hand-wash with a professional automotive shampoo and by using a large-pore sponge. Large-pone sponge helps effectively remove heavy stains and dirt without scratching paint.

During the third stage we preserve the car body with antistatic waxes and protection sealants. Those products provide light hydrophobic effect and makes paint colour look deep and more saturated.

Drying of your vehicle is done by using a highest quality microfiber towels and a high-pressure air device. It helps insure that no water remains under mouldings, door handles, side mirrors and hard reached areas of your car.

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Interior Detailing Experts

Please pay close attention that a general auto detailing Toronto carwash doesn’t include an interior detailing. This can be purchased as a separate service at our studio. Interior detailing – is a complete, deep and detailed cleaning and after care of any interior panels, carpets, dashboard and other interior elements of your vehicle. We carefully inspect your car’s interior in order to clean all hard-reaching spots, gentle polishing of wood, plastic or carbon trim. In order to insure long-lasting result we apply a professional, non toxic conditioners and sealing products.

Our interior detailing service include but not limited to:
• Thorough treatment with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, crumbs etc.
• Wet cleaning using non-toxic professional interior cleaning products.
• Steam cleaning of all interior elements.
• Leather conditioning treatment to create a protective layer.
• If required, polishing of all wood, plastic, carbon and other trim panels.
• Window cleaning
• Optional chemical cleaning of all carpets, headliner etc.

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