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UV rays, precipitation, road sand and other road factors reduce the shite and brightness of vehicle body paint. Traditional automotive polishes and abrasive polishing compounds make the top layer of body paint thinner are ineffective. Nowadays there are a handful of innovative solutions to protect and preserve body paint – ceramic coating. Let us guide you through why do you need a car ceramic coating Toronto and what are the major myths and facts about it. Let’s start, shall we?

As you may know, ceramic coating is applied to a car not only to protect the paint, but also to create a stunning visual effect that cannot be achieved with traditional waxes and sealants. A high-quality ceramic coating will make your have an “always clean” look and will ensure a glossy, reach colour of body paint.

Ceramic Coating Benefits:

• Strength •
This is by far the main advantage of the ceramic coating, becuase thanks to the 9H strength level your car will be reasonably protected from almost all minor damages and influences that are usually are the main cause of scrathces and swirl marks. Even a signle layer of 9H ceramic coating will protect your vehicle for 2+ years.

• Water beading •
Ceramic coating is the best way to protect your car from water, rain, mudd and dirt. A proper 9H ceramic coating Toronto is completely waterproof and completely protects body paint  from distructive mositure, which may contain salt and other chemical components hazardouse to the clear coat. It creates a thick, even layer so it’s simpl gets harded for water to stick to the body and it creates this famous water beading effect which makes washing a vehicle a breeze.

• Convinience of application •
Thanks to the special structure, ceramic coating is quite easy to apply and it does not leave characteristic haze and hollograms, as happens after traditional application of traditional polishing compounds and waxes.

• Durability •
9H Ceramic coating is very durable product. It can easily withstand temperatures up to +90 ºС, which allows body paint be protected from burning out in the sun in the summer. In Canadian cold winters ceramic coating shows the same excellent performance, it doesn’t crack and holds it’s effect even at -70 ºС.

• Mirror effect •
The dream of every automotive enthsiast is to create a mirror like surface on the car, especially if it’s black or dark colour. Ceramic coating Toronto is the best way to achive this desired high gloss aka mirror effect, due to the mineral microparticles that provides this undisputed gloss finish.

• Long lasting result •
Ceramic coatings by Ceramic Pro or NanoBrite and Opticoat Pro are designed for harsh climates with extreme temperature changes. Unlike other cheap products, they can protect your vehicle for a long period of time from 1 to 5 years. There are also several options which provides a lifetime warranty, so your car will be protected for many years.

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Top Ceramic Coating Brands

Traditional polishing compounds and waxes are simply unreliable, they do not protect the body paint from minor scratches, water and weather factors. Ceramic coatings interact with body paint’s clear coat at the molecular level, levels up the surface imperfections, penetrate the pores and become a part of your clear coat. Due to this effect, ceramic coating Toronto is used on newer as well as aged cars where experiements are unacceptable. Professional grade coating can be applied on the body, glass, plastic, leather and fabric elements of car.

Ceramic Pro, NanoBrite®, OptiCoat® are only used by specialized facilities and only by certified, official partners who strictly adhere the application technology. Those products are simply not-available for sale to the general public. Strict destribution control and application protocol ensures the qiality of each and every application.

5 Reasons to Ceramic Coat Your Car:

Looking at a perfetly smooth surface and elite gloss shine, it is difficoult to believe that all this gloss beauty is perfectly combined with fantastic protective features. It’s not temporarily solution like so called “liquid glass solutions”. Cermiac Coating is years to life-long solution for your vehicle. The cermic coating products forms a thin flim which protects the body from outside factors. Dust, dirt and insects are easily washed off the body with a normal stream of water with no extra effort due to it’s hydrophobic effect. Check our videos and photos of ceramic coatings on our instagram account – @detailcartel

  • Protection of the paint. Ceramic coating adds an extra layer of hard clear coat and increases overall thickness by 4-5H. Cars paint becomes invulnerable to pests, moisture, ultraviolet light, salts and alkalis, road particles etc..
  • An enhanced colour saturation, paint depth, mirror effect and perfect smoothness are main reasons why people choose to ceramic coat their cars.
  • Renowned water beading effect helps keep your car clean for longer period of times and save money on daily car washes.
  • Ceramic coating price Toronto is pretty affordable. You can not simply purchase professional ceramic coating by yourself but it doesn't mean that we at Detail Cartel charge premium just for this fact. We keep our ceramic coating prices fairly affordable and reasonable.
  • CarFax verified coating is what you need. Not only you get the warranty for years for our service and an added value to your vehicle if you'd like to resell it.

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