Seamless Paint Protection Film Toronto

Car owners know that cars often suffer from stone chips, scratches and dirt. If you are an experienced driver capable to tackle any obstacle, this does not mean that the vehicle does not suffer during operation. To keep your vehicle in brand new condition there is no better option than get it wraped in paint protection film Toronto (ppf). Paint protection film has lots of advantages. PPF is maid of a failry durable material, it fits snugly to the body panels and holds tight, while keeping all original body lines. The purpuse of paint protection film is simple – it preserves your car’s paint and help to keep it in it’s original condition. Paint protection film Toronto also saves you a ton of money, simply because it eleminates majority reasons for repaint and paint restoration.

Self-Healing PPF

Yes, you read it right. We work with industry-leading brands that offer the most innovative self-healing paint protection film in Toronto. Light scratches are now gone with just a heat application.

Brands like Stek®, REX® and Xpel offer the most innovative solution when it comes to the PPF nowadays. Self-healing paint protection film is tacking market by storm. Simply because of the fact that you can now heal light scratches of the film by simply heating the film with a heat gun or in some cases simply by leaving it under direct sunlight on a hot day. Detail Cartel is a certified to work with all of these brands and we’ll be happy to advise you on which ppf is better for your specific vehicle.

You can wrap your car in PPF completly or protect specific elements of your car like: front and rear bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors or even roof. Once wrapped, your car will be protected from road damage for at least 3-7 years, depends on which PPF brand you select. For more information we ecourage you to check our @detailcartel instagram for live ppf installation videos and more.

Let’s talk about your ride

PPF Application Areas:

The main purpuse of paint protection film Toronto is to save your vehicles body parts from damaging due to the daily use. It might be stone chips, light scrathes or even prevent your car from getting swirl marks due to car washes. We highly recommend to apply PPF Toronto to the following areas:

• Complete or partial hood wraps
• Front bumper. We highly recommend to completely wrap the front bumper due to it’s exposure to road hazzards.
• Side mirrors
• Door jamps, behind the door handles and even rocker panels
• Front and/or rear fenders
• Headlights

(!) We highly recommend to avoid automatic car wash for 3-5 days after paint protection film installation. If you’d like to wash your car, we highly recommend to visit a hand car wash and please, notify the staff about recent ppf installtion prior wasing your car.


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